Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Like a Woman possessed!!

I am LOVING these Copic Markers . . . I can not stop colouring in!
I am also spending lots of time searching the internet for ‘digital stamps’ . . . I didn’t even know that these existed until yesterday :)
Here are some great sites I found if you are interested . . .
Meljen's Designs
Whimsy Stamps
Cuddly Buddly Crafts
Fred, She Said Designs
Anyway, after lots of searching, and discovering some lovely freebies on these sites, I spent the afternoon colouring in!
Here is what I did . . .
Donkey Smiles, from Meljen's Freebies
Donkey Coloured001 Donkey Coloured002

Flowerpot Daffodils, from Fred, She Said Designs Freebie
Daffodils - Coloured001 Daffodils - Coloured002

Floral doodle design from Fred, She Said Designs Freebie
Flower - Coloured001

Flowervase from … oops … can’t remember where I got it.  As soon as I find out/remember, I’ll link to this post.  Sorry if it is yours, let me know and I’ll sort it out.
Flowers in vase - Coloured001
Once I had finished all the colouring in, I turned them all into cards :)
Donkey Cards . . .
Donkey Cards001

Daffodil Flowerpot Cards . . .
Flowerpot Cards001

Flowervase Cards . . .
Flowervase Cards001

I am still waiting for the stickles on the Flower Doodle Cards to dry, so I can’t scan them just yet!  I’ll post them for you tomorrow.
I hope you are enjoying seeing the Copic Created Cards, as much as I am enjoying doing them.
Get yourself down to Scrap2Relax, or check out the website, and get yourself some Copics to play with.
Until Next Time,

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  1. WOW they look fantastic, can't wait to have a go and I'm sure card making classes will be popular.